Introducing our new Ingenious Intern!


I’m Ella and have just joined the Service Design Fringe Festival Team as the Ingenious Intern. 

Having only just graduated I'm a total newbie to the world of Service Design and can’t wait to get involved. I’m here to assist with the festival programme curation and co-ordination, enabling the festival to run as smoothly as possible.

I studied Product and Furniture Design at Kingston University and my design approach has developed into a passion to change the way information is translated from the company to the user.  


An example of this is my final year project Check Your Chest. It is a campaign to encourage people to regularly check for Breast Cancer. The project involves adding lumps to everyday products that evokes the haptic sensation of engaging with a physical object as opposed to the typical information leaflets from the NHS. The everyday products I have adapted include bars of soap; push panels on doors and oyster cards. The overarching aim of this project is to remove the stigma attached to checking your breasts and encourages people of any age to look for symptoms. The campaign aims to promote a better understanding and result in eliminating late diagnosis, and therefore dramatically reduce the fatalities from this disease.

Having not really been exposed to Service Design at university I am really excited to see all the amazing work and learn lots of new information about it. 

This is one article I found that really explained, through examples, what Service Design is. One example I really connected to was the MacMillan Nurses. Below is the link that has more examples of the Public Sector using Service Design.


Currently I’m on the look out for exciting new opportunities and always up for a chat over coffee/ beer. 

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