Since June 2014,

we have been organising

service designers to showcase their work.

There weren’t enough opportunities for junior service designers to work with a senior service designer to learn. I decided something needed to happen, not just for me, but for the whole industry. That’s why I started the festival.
— Lior Smith, Instigator of Service Design Fringe Festival

Our Mission

This festival is our way of nudging the world into noticing and helping us advance the service design industry. 

We believe that service design is pushing the boundaries of what design means, and creating new roles and contexts for designers to explore. We also believe the service design industry improves the customer experiences we have in our society; by holding a festival we hope to support the potential of the industry to positively affect our experiences. 

We aim to do this by:


Increasing RECOGNITION of service design

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  • Linking the service design industry to the wider design scene, so that service design will be increasingly recognised by other designers.
  • Putting service design in front of the public; raising the industry's profile so that service design becomes a thing the public has heard of, minimising the time we spend explaining what service design is to clients and friends! 


Increasing EMPLOYMENT of service designers

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  • Introducing other designers to service design, so that they can consider adding service design elements to their skill set if they wish.
  • Demonstrating the value of service design to potential employers and clients, so that more jobs are created for service designers.
  • Connecting service designers to potential employers and clients.



    Increasing CRITIQUE & therefore VALUE of service design work

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    • Encouraging an attitude of helping each other improve the practice as an industry. Less competition, more collaboration.
    • Connecting service designers to good examples of best practice from fellow service designers.
    • Creating an environment for discussions that push what service design can be, and therefore increase its value as a discipline.

    We think big - but we’re only one little annual festival in London. We value every job created, get excited when people get the motivation to make the career leap into service design as a result of the festival, and appreciate that each conversation sparked may be the roots of the next big thing. Valuing the small things keeps us motivated - we know we’re helping affect the bigger picture, along with everyone else’s efforts.