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The invisible stakeholders: is being user focused harming society and planet? | EYSeren

  • The Design Museum 224-238 Kensington High St, Kensington, London W8 6AG London United Kingdom (map)

About the session

The world is drastically in need of new ways of working. The way businesses operate now is unsustainable, and we must recognise that service design has contributed to this model.

We design products and services focused on the ‘customer’ but forget the impact to the wider system, the invisible stakeholders who are influenced by our design decisions.

However, we know there are opportunities for improvement, though it’s uncertain how service design can play a bigger part in resolving this crisis.

Through the one-hour discussion, we will explore how we at EY Seren have grappled with concepts such as “sustainable growth”, fusing different ideas such as system thinking, regenerative design with service design to create a different approach.

However, we recognise that to truly have an impact, we need to engage clients and stakeholders, those that we can see and those invisible to our approach. Through learnings from our own journey, we will examine barriers in engaging stakeholders in this discussion and explore different ways of understanding and communicating value. Ultimately, we want to collaborate to ensure sustainability becomes one of the central tenants of service design, and by extension, in the design of future businesses.

Key learnings

  • How service design can engage in the sustainability agenda and why it is key to do so

  • An exploration of barriers and difficulties of implementing more sustainable services

  • A discussion of how to engage leverage points in organizations to influence decision making

About the speakers:

Serge Isakov

Serge’s focus is on designing new business models and propositions. He’s passionate about understanding what value means in a sustainable society and figuring out how to enable organizations to positively add to the systems within which they operate. Outside of this, he is a business design lead in EY Seren, focusing on retail and consumer goods.

Lee Herold

Lee is on the constant search for the most powerful leverage points to transform unsustainable systems and patterns. With a master in Creative Sustainability, she is interested in responsible leadership and organisational change for more resilience. She’s a senior service designer and works on the change from the inside.

Louise Hugen

Louise is a senior service designer at EY Seren and has a background in Industrial Design Engineering. During her studies, she discovered the impact that the littlest design decisions can have on the environment. Unintended consequences are easily overlooked, it is, therefore, her mission to make herself and other designers aware of the implications of design decisions they make.

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