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[SOLD OUT] Lean in collective: Empowering Women Designers | FutureGov

  • Barbican Centre Silk St, Barbican, London EC2Y 8DS London United Kingdom (map)

About the session

The Lean In movement started by Sheryl Sandberg in 2013 has inspired self-identifying women across the globe to ‘lean in’ to their careers and achieve their professional and personal goals.

We want to share the journey we have been on since we established our Lean In collective in 2017, to help address the disparity between numbers of female design students versus female representation on management boards of organisations in the design sector. We want to share how we have evolved our Lean In approach, how we have empowered self-identifying women to achieve their aims and goals and what the future is for this group.

This will be an opportunity to experience one of our Lean In sessions. We want you to help us challenge the model and the practice of Lean In, to rethink how we are all engaged in the process of addressing gender inequality, and how we all have a responsibility to call out and challenge behaviour and practice that damages inclusivity. We want to stretch how we think about equality in the workplace and how we can maximise the impact of a collective like this to begin to shift the wider system.

Key learnings

  • An understanding of what our Lean In collective looks like and how we have empowered self-identifying women to achieve their aims and goals

  • How to maximise the impact of a Lean In collective to shift the wider system

  • What you can do in your personal and professional life to promote gender inclusivity

About the speaker

Hannah Pinnock is a Consultant at FutureGov and Lilias Adair is a Service Designer at FutureGov

This session has sold out but you can still book your day pass for Friday 25.10. You will be asked to pick 5 sessions of your choice for the day.