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[SOLD OUT] Beyond improvement to transformation | Mat Hunter and Design in the Third Sector Panel

  • Barbican Centre Silk St, Barbican, London EC2Y 8DS London United Kingdom (map)

About the sessions

Is our vision for designs’ influence ambitious enough? Festival second day opening by Mat Hunter 9am - 9:30am

When we think about service design supporting people in need, a lot of activity is somewhat incremental, fixing bad experiences. Although hugely valuable, it’s not where we should ultimately set our sights. Roberto Verganti argued that design thinking, used early and strategically in the development process, changes the meaning of things. It alters our fundamental perception of the opportunity. In the past few years some radical ideas about care have really helped us to change the potential meaning of support services, but why aren’t there more and at significant scale? Join Mat as he highlights the challenges he’s seen and experienced and shows where service design is moving our thinking beyond improvement.

Where are we now and where are we going? Design in the third sector panel hosted by Mat Hunter 9:30am - 10:30am

Service design used by a growing number of charities in different ways, from setting the foundations to delivering services. Unlike many other types of organisation, charities have the unique opportunity to use service design to put real needs first. Join our expert panel as we uncover how service design is being used in the charity sector, the impact it’s having and the direction it’s going in.

This discussion will examine the different approaches teams are taking to put the needs of people first. We’ll talk about the lessons learnt along the way, and raise the question, where are we going? The eclectic panel will each bring their own point of view and experience.

Our charity representatives will each talk through their work before having an open discussion with the chance for questions from the audience.

About the panelists

Macmillan Cancer Support: Ed Wallace, Head of Innovation , whose team currently uses Service Design to meet the unmet emotional needs of People Living with Cancer.

Shelter: Matteo Remondini, Service Designer from Shelter’s Services Product Team, who designs solutions and improve Shelter’s help services for people struggling with homelessness and housing

Mind: Claire Bradnam from Mind's Service Design team sharing insight on co-designing services with peer designers

Girlguiding: Rebecca Birch, Service Design Lead, sharing how they’ve been slowly growing the conditions for Service Design to thrive.

Harry Trimble, Lead Service Designer at Red Cross, will talk through two services - 'borrow a wheelchair and 'emergency response' - describing how his organisation is using design to transform these services for people in crisis.

We hope this discussion is just the beginning of more cross charity collaboration with service design.

Book your day pass for Friday 25.10, you will be asked to pick 5 sessions of your choice for the day.