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[SOLD OUT] Service design and the ethics of preventative healthcare | Humanly

  • Barbican Centre Silk St, Barbican, London EC2Y 8DS London United Kingdom (map)

About the session

Genomics has transformed our understanding of diseases and ability to deliver care in a way that is tailored to each individual. As service designers working in healthcare, the role of data and prediction has become a crucial part of our work. Pushing toward more preventative healthcare, genetics and risk factors influence design choices and stimulate discussions, but there is still a lot of confusion and debate. If healthcare is a controversial area to work in, genetics and data add another level of ethical questions. In the chaos of an overcomplicated healthcare system where different factors complicate pathways that should be simple and certain, what is our ethical role and good practice as designers in dealing with the consequences of utilising useful prediction of personal and biological data of people? And finally, how do we deal with the unexpected consequences of our current decisions?


In these times of uncertainty, our DNA can give us answers but raises many questions. At Humanly, we faced some of these questions on a project we recently worked on where we explored how to enable earlier diagnosis of bowel cancer, including the role of prevention and risk factor awareness. In this session we will share a case study of this work along with our key takeaways and challenges. We will involve participants in an interactive discussion where we attempt to challenge our preconceptions and informally share worries, hopes, good practice and opinions on the ethical implications, opportunities and consequences of preventative healthcare and genomics.

Key learnings

Insights from a complex project exploring data, collective intelligence and bowel cancer diagnosis that can be re-applied to other work in preventative healthcare and beyond.

A new perspective on your practice and the world that surround us, arising from provocative examples and a rich discussion in which participants will be prompted to think about themselves as individuals and designers.

An exchange of personal and professional opinions from a diverse range of participants from different backgrounds and areas of expertise.

About the speakers

Ottla Arrigoni and Ali Fawkes both work at Humanly, an award-winning design studio specialising in human-centred design for social impact. 

Ottla is a service designer with a range of multidisciplinary design skills including service, communication, and visual design, which she has applied to a wide range of projects including scaling approaches to age-friendly and inclusive volunteering and exploring how data and collective intelligence design could enable earlier diagnosis of bowel cancer. Ottla is particularly passionate about data analysis and visualisation, which led her to develop Humanly’s practice around data-driven design. 


Ali is a Social Innovation Consultant with experience in delivering a wide range of design for social impact projects, including designing future services and support for people living with cancer; exploring how we might use technology to enable people with dementia to live independently; and several projects that aim to improve the lives of people with learning disabilities. Ali is an expert communicator and loves creating tangible artefacts to provoke conversations and explore ideas. 


This session has sold out but you can still book your day pass for Friday 25.10. You will be asked to pick 5 sessions of your choice for the day.