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Building universes that sing in tandem | Idean

  • The Design Museum 224-238 Kensington High St, Kensington, London W8 6AG London United Kingdom (map)

About the session

What is the future of our planet, and where do responsibilities lie in the world of physical and digital design? How do we meaningfully, build future we care about? For over a decade, the social construct of our realities has been defined by clickbait and the need to please and conform within the spaces we choose to occupy. Our behaviours are dictated, studied, measured and manipulated - from the way we shop, entertain, decompress, live and even breathe.

So the next steps we take, and the direction we take them in, could make all the difference. Our choices today will build the collective realities we will inhabit tomorrow.

A reflection on:

  • The pace of change in design practice and decision-making

  • The design brief of the future

  • How the future may have no place for design rockstars and divas

About the speaker

Payal Wadhwa is the Service Design Principal at Idean, a global design studio. She’s curious about the interplay between design, economics, anthropology, and technology - and often finds herself advocating the need to go gentle into the future.

Formally trained as a museum designer, Payal has spent the last 15 years focused on physical experience design, design for policy, future-proofing organisations and digital evolution of business.

Before joining Idean, Payal was the Head of Service Design at Fjord in London. Over the years, she's worked with the likes of High-Speed Rail (HS2), the London Olympics, Vodafone, BP, Tate Modern, Barclays, British Gas, Rolls Royce, amongst others.

She teaches at Design Thinkers Academy whilst lecturing on service design programs, globally. Payal loves a challenge that allows her to wade neck-deep into complexity and she reads without prejudice. Unless it’s badly typeset.

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