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How to make the climate crisis service designs’ business | NOBL, Design Council, Satellite Applications Catapult

  • The Design Museum 224-238 Kensington High St, Kensington, London W8 6AG London United Kingdom (map)

About the session

Since declaring a state of the climate crisis, the UK's appetite for environmental sustainability has gone mainstream like never before. Within the design industry, there are many groups popping up to discuss the subject and working out what they can do. Some groups have a history of work in sustainability. While groups are led by designers with less experience in sustainability and are trying to work out how to contribute. Other established groups and events are, but integrating sustainability into their agenda. However, getting the design projects that tackle the climate crisis is easier said than done! What barriers exist to designers wanting to address the climate crisis? And what can be done to remove the obstacles so that design is a force for good? This event will get the reflections from a panel of speakers with different expertise and open questions to the audience.

Organised by Lauren Currie (Nobl and the Design Council) and Rob Maslin (Satellite Applications Catapult), this event builds on their work to convene experts aiming to remove the barriers faced by the service design industry and build capability to tackle the climate crisis.

Panel members included:

  • Lauren Currie (Nobl)

  • Cat Drew (Design Council)

  • Rob Maslin (Satellite Applications Catapult)

  • tbc

Key learnings:

  • Advice on how to win sustainability-focused projects.

  • Advice on how you can have the best chance of integrating sustainability into existing projects.

  • Suggestions on what they can do to contribute towards collective action to be a positive force for change across the industry.

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