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[SOLD OUT] Why it’s time to design our culture | NOBL

Even the most exceptional ideas and most beloved prototypes don’t stand a chance against organizational dysfunction. The future of service design means stepping up to design our workplace cultures. This talk will show you where to start.

Attend and learn: 

  • What organisational design is

  • Why service designers should be designing their company cultures

  • The 8 reasons why organisational change is hard

  • How to design your culture through building high-performing teams


NOBL help leaders design cultures that deliver on strategy and adapt to change. They’re pioneering the intersection of organisational psychology, design thinking, and business strategy. They’ve helped world-famous organisations such as Dropbox, Calvin Klein and FarFetch design their cultures.

Book your day pass for Friday 25.10, you will be asked to pick 5 sessions of your choice for the day.