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[SOLD OUT] Sensory Thinking - interactive workshop | OLFF

Today’s world has been deemed uncertain, volatile and complicated. We believe there are intuitive human-centered solutions to the problems we have to face. No matter how advanced technology we create, we are still carnal beings and experience the world through our senses. 

Sensory Thinking is the process of creating solutions through the lens of the senses. 

Our senses become our support in times of chaos. They are always ready to anchor us in reality. 

For example, when you feel an anxiety attack coming, focussing on what you can see and naming the objects, their textures and their colours („a white wooden table, four black plastic chairs, a red woolen blanket”) helps to shift your attention away from anxiety and stop the attack. You could observe this technique in the Netflix series „Better call Saul”, where Chuck used it to deal with his agoraphobia :)

Our way of thinking can be implemented on many levels of social or business innovation, in designing services, products, creating meaningful customer journeys and branding projects in augmented sensory reality. 

Scents make spaces seem bigger, alleviate stress, boost productivity. Textures enhance packaging solutions, create inclusivity for the disabled, tell stories about products. 

„All cognitions starts with the senses.” Immanuel Kant

Key learnings:

  • How scent becomes a scalable and memorable dimension of the brand, just like colour, shape, picture, font... 

  • How to think about services and customer experience through the lens of the human senses

  • How to design more human-centered services and deeper emotional relations with users

About the speaker:

Maciej Kawecki

Excited about every new field of creativity, innovation and multisensory way of thinking. He loves to mix different areas of human activity and perception and implement synesthetic mixtures to functional business solutions.

Co-founder of Olff Studio, a multidisciplinary creative space run with senselier Marta Siembab, an expert in the field of olfaction. Olff is the forerunner of Sensory Thinking — the process of creating business solutions based on the science of human sensory perception developing and implementing projects in a variety of fields, including sales customer senseperience, marketing design and architecture.

Owner of Brandburg Creative Studio. Author of innovative branding projects combining strategic thinking (Design Thinking, Service Design) with graphics. As a designer Maciej Kawecki overlaps up-to-date trends with emotions and senses. Co-author of Poland's first sense branding workshops and services. Lecturer at Warsaw and Poznan SWPS Universities on the Design Management faculty. Visual and sensory branding educator.

Book your day pass for Friday 25.10, you will be asked to pick 5 sessions of your choice for the day.