Service Design Fringe Festival Ambassadors

Are you looking for learning experiences in design events?
Are you a people person?
Are you free during 16th - 24th September?

We are looking for helpers to make our service design festival flow smoothly. We will give you training to be able to explain what service design is to people.

Some things you will be doing

  • greeting speakers and event attendees
  • making sure everyone knows where they’re going
  • helping with any last minute emergencies
  • writing blog post about the events you are attending
  • going to festival hubs, handing out maps and explaining what service design is – if you plan on going to something at LDF anyway, you could use these festival maps as a prop for speaking to new people

What you’ll get:

  • meet some really awesome people (bring business cards if you have them)
  • learn about service design
  • get experience in running events
  • expenses to cover your travel and food & drink
  • extra gratitude if you bring a friend to be a fellow ambassador

More information

Come to one of our volunteer meet ups and the training day. Please let Alice know if you can make it by emailing


For Ambassadors to learn how to become Ambassadors. Involves training you how to explain service design, how to talk to strangers on the street, and how to represent the festival at events.

VOLUNTEER MEETUPS, 5 and 7 Sept, 6pm 

We're holding two meet ups for you to find out more about being an Ambassador, both at the Star of Kings in Kings Cross. 



16 Sept - 24 Sept

Events/fairy dust for Festival. Welcoming people, thinking on your feet to fix problems, representing the festival brand, gathering feedback, making the experience of being at the festival AMAZING for everyone. 

We'd particularly like volunteers that would like to write blog posts of the events they are ambassadors at. This is a way for you to get your opinion in front of many people - perhaps you're a beginner 'thought leader'.  



10 Sept - 24 Sept

As Service Design Festival Map distributor you will be the first person to talk to the public about the new emerging discipline  of service design. Wherever you are over the period of the festival - you won't be far away from another service design Map Distributor Extraordinaire, keeping in contact via Slack, egging each other on. Plenty of opportunity for social media coverage in quiet times.

There are 5 key London Design Hubs we want to cover + many more possibilities. It would be great if people could work in pairs so you can bounce off each other energy wise. 

For the first time, we will have a playful bike cart that can be cycled round London - cyclists, please apply!