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Underground Games | Spotless

  • Spotless 1st Floor, 140 Old St London EC1V 9BJ (map)

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Underground games at Spotless: Using service design methods to identify future opportunities in transport.

In this two-part workshop, use Human Centred Design to understand the functional, emotional and social needs of TFL customers.

Learn how to conduct guerrilla research and map out existing pain points and along a customer journey. Use games to ideate what Transport For London could look like in 2030, and sketch out scenarios and concepts for the future.

Workshop Agenda

01 Welcome to Spotless | Who are Spotless? What is Spotless’ definition of Service Design?

02 Brief | Personas | What are today’s objectives? | Roleplaying | Getting into the user’s shoes

03 Research Guerrilla Games | Collecting insight from the outside world | Top tip for research | Customer journey templates | Out into the field

04 Define | Identifying key pain-paints and opportunities | Customer journey mapping | Squiggly bird game | Draw the problem | Opportunity statements

05 Ideate | Crazy 8’s and vote | Mission Impossible

06 Transform | Concept poster or News Headline

About Spotless

"Spotless is a service design agency based in London, that transforms customer experiences through service innovation.

We are a team of 16 consultants with backgrounds in psychology, human computer interaction (HCI) and product design. We’ve worked across a large number of sectors internationally, and the core of our work is grounded in qualitative research and strategic insight for digital, in-store and beyond.

Designing a service right means designing the right service, and that’s why everything we do is about understanding people and their behaviours. We use a variety of methods to investigate how people interact with end-to-end experiences and define the experience based on these insights. We don’t believe in one right answer, only different perspectives, and we constantly and critically challenge our own assumptions.

Our foundation in user experience and usability testing allows us to create evidence-based designs that deliver measured impact. We help companies through the transformation process by providing customer insights at every stage of the design process. This helps our clients create services that ultimately help change and simplify the lives of their customers. From our experience, service design that is grounded in research results in happier customers, healthier communication and more competitive businesses."

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These workshops are ideally aimed at people who: are new to service design, want to broaden their skills, or just want to get inspired.

This venue is wheelchair accessible. 

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