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Brave New World - Service design and Fear of Change | The BIO Agency

  • The BIO Agency 70 Wilson Street Shoreditch, EC2A 2DB (map)

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Simply put, service design involves moving an organisation from one state to another. Service designers aim to understand a situation, identify a future scenario, and then work out the best way to get there. We analyse the current situation and gather evidence for change; we formulate hypotheses about what a 'better' way to do things could be; we figure out a road map or strategic actions to take us there.

But this fails to take into account some very human reactions to research findings and the case for change. We spend a lot of time understanding customers, users, and employees, but often fail to consider the reactions of the very clients who appoint us.

Join the panel that will consist of an interdisciplinary cross-section of Bio’s service design department to discuss their experiences encountering and dealing with fear of change. Covering topics from organization structure and career paths to the backfire effect and the psychology of Metathesiophobia (fear of things changing). This will be followed by allowing the audience to share their experiences, before ending with the cocreation of an action plan on tackling fear of change whenever we encounter it.

About Bio Agency

Bio are a full service transformation agency based in Shoreditch, London. They use service design and design thinking techniques to get at the heart of what customers want and businesses need - often before they know it themselves.

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This event is suitable for everyone interested in having honest conversations about their experiences and developing and innovative ways of overcoming issues.

The venue is wheelchair accessible.

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