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Service Design and Healthcare | Coloplast



This session will tune in on how service design is being utilised within healthcare.

By bringing together two very different perspectives on this truly important topic, Coloplast aim to spark and stimulate conversations about not just healthcare and service design, but also user research, co-creation, visions for the future as well as challenges ahead, and much more.

Bringing an agency-perspective, Livework (working for and with Public Health England and Tower Hamlets) will be presenting a case study about improving mental health services in London.

Bringing an in-house perspective, the User Insight team at Coloplast (a global medtech company specialising in continence and ostomy care) are presenting how they're innovating user research and design from within the organisation.

"Intimate Connection: Innovating User Research + Design"

A deep-dive into how user research (and by extension service design) is changing the way  Coloplast works by Jeanne Marrell and/or Lilith Hasbeck. Coloplast was founded 60 years ago based on the idea of a nurse who wanted to improve her sister’s life post-surgery. While it has always been in the company’s DNA to listen and respond to users, in the last seven years Coloplast has made a step change in innovating user research and design. This talk will centre around how we at Coloplast transform insights from users with intimate healthcare needs into experiences that improve lives, with a specific focus on user research and the inherent challenges of researching the lives of people who are suffering from taboo conditions (such as urinary or fecal incontinence).

"The future of mental wellbeing services"

A case study by Gene Libow and/or Jennifer Bagehorn from Livework. London has poorer levels of wellbeing than anywhere else in the UK. Many Londoners do not get treatment for their common mental health difficulties, straining public and private resources. In this session we will show how Londoners' stories helped us engage with stakeholders to envision a new service model built on small, experimental interventions. Join us as we share our vision of a service ecosystem that distributes services into the digital communities that Londoners already inhabit. This is a deep-dive into the work Livework did for Public Health England (PHE) and the London Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), working towards meeting Londoners' unmet mental wellbeing needs through a 24/7 digital mental wellbeing service at scale.

These talks will be followed by a joint Q&A session. 

Twitter: lilithhasbeck