Become an official festival sponsor

If you’d like to support what we do, please help us get the word out, or sponsor us however you can. All our participants are helping us raise the festival's profile, and contributing whatever time and skills they can, as a community effort. Official festival sponsors are significantly sponsoring the festival with time, money or other resources.


Attendees will include

  • Service designers and people that will be service designers in the future
  • People that want to hire service designers (civil servants, big charities, private agencies)
  • London Design Festival goers – both designers and buyers
  • Members of the public with an interest in design

Since service design is still a new discipline, the people that are interested in it are frequently natural trend spotters and early adopters.


What sponsors get

  • Smug satisfaction that you were helping make the 2017 service design fringe festival happen
  • Your name/product in front of forward thinking people who have a passion for innovation and creativity
  • Your logo printed on 1000s of maps going out to hubs across the London Design Festival


Get in Touch

Get in touch with Lior at or call  07502 271410 to find out more about this exciting opportunity.