This festival is made by the service design community as a collective.

Get as involved as you like!

To make the festival happen, we have a core festival team of multi skilled co-ordinators.

Hosts are the service designers (and those from sister disciplines) who run workshops, talks, exhibitions and other events to show, grow and critique service design work. Hosts can get as involved in the running of and mechanics of the festival as they like - whether that's through making connections, or lending specific practical skills. 

We rely on our generous Sponsors to help cover the costs of materials and expenses. Our Sponsors share our mission of growing the service design industry and they cheer us on. 

Sometimes people who are involved in the festival fit into more than one role, and that's lovely.


core festival team 2017

  J  acquelyn Guderley ,  Sponsorship Superstar

Jacquelyn Guderley,  Sponsorship Superstar

  Katie Robson , Hat Juggler and Party Planner

Katie Robson, Hat Juggler and Party Planner

  Harry Vos , Competition Co-ordinator

Harry Vos, Competition Co-ordinator

  Alice Magand , Operations Octopus and Captain of the Ambassador Army

Alice Magand, Operations Octopus and Captain of the Ambassador Army

  Julian Thompson , Inclusivity Innovator

Julian Thompson, Inclusivity Innovator

  Ella O'Toole , Ingenious Intern

Ella O'Toole, Ingenious Intern

  Lior Smith , Festival Instigator & Programme Curation

Lior Smith, Festival Instigator & Programme Curation

  Michelle   Isme , Social Media Sweetie & Comms Commander

Michelle Isme, Social Media Sweetie & Comms Commander

  NiChun Jen , Graphics Guru

NiChun Jen, Graphics Guru