Captain of Ambassador Army

It's the Captain's job to recruit, train, co-ordinate, manage, and engage the pool of ambassadors. The bulk of this work will be in late August and September on a part time basis. It is expected that you will be available every day of the festival in case any problems come up, though you don’t have to be there in person. This role is paid.

The ambassador army will be on hand during events to greet Hosts and Guests, and to ensure smooth running of events (greet guests, check guest list, direct people, help on technical issues). They also distribute programmes across London about the festival. We expect to have a pool of 30-50 ambassadors with 8-10 working per day of the festival.


  • Recruit volunteers to be ambassadors to the festival (we've got leads already from previous years, and social media channels to go through).

  • Clearly communicating and co-ordinating your team's availability and suitability for specific events and responsibilities over the festival period - ensuring that all events are suitably covered.

  • Training your army in explaining what service design is, how to pitch the festival to strangers, and how to implement your vision.

  • Develop and improve the systems we’ve used in previous years (e.g. training workshop templates, recruiting and co-ordinating spreadsheets).

  • Considering and creating directions for your ambassador army to help them create an amazing festival experience for Hosts and Guests.

  • Enthuse the ambassadors about the festival and about service design so that they have an enjoyable experience themselves.

  • Exit interviews (we call them ‘Reflection Hour’) for key volunteers, and facilitate peer session(s) for reflective learning for the rest of the volunteers.


  • Experience managing and co-ordinating a team.

  • Learn about service design: begin to understand the work you do through the lens of designing and implementing a service.

  • Opportunity to develop and improve a big part of the festival. Volunteers are key in the experience people have of the festival.