Work with festival team members!

Over the last few months, we have introduced our team members to you one by one on the blog. Now that the festival is over, we thought we’d update you with what we’re all going to be up to now.

Since the festival is a small not-for-profit, we only work part time on it and the majority of the team is needed from just two or three months before the festival. So the rest of the time, team members are available to work on other projects. If you’re looking for someone passionate to work with, consider one of us...



Hire these people

Ella is on an explorative journey and has experience with coordination. She works part time at Kingston university as a teaching assistant. She joined the festival this year as the Curation Assistant, and did a brilliant job of handling over 30 creative client relationships, hitting the ground running. She is looking for work where she gets to apply her design thinking, and is particularly interested in healthcare and in events. 

Nichun is graduating from MA Interaction Design at Goldsmiths in a few months. She's responsible for the wonderful website design this year and the printed programme, as well as several internal PDFs that helped the core team communicate with hosts and volunteers. She works incredibly fast and has high standards for herself. She is looking for an design/research internship or part-time freelancer job which is related to user experience and service design. (available from October to April.)

Jacquelyn is available for writing work; she started the female literary magazine Salome. This year she was the festival’s Sponsorship Superstar, bringing in £4.7k. A couple of months in to working on the festival, she wrote about how we handled mental health within the team.


Lior has ME/CFS which limits how she can work; she is looking for new ways to work in line with her new limits. She has writing and graphics skills on top of the myriad of skills it takes to be the festival founder and curator, and several years of experience as a service designer. She would love to work with people that care as much as she does about making work inclusive.

Katie works 4 days a week for a theatre company and is available to organise parties. This year she was responsible for both the Rainbow VIP party and the launch party, which were on consecutive days. She pulled things together speedily and a wonderful time was had by all.

Lorenzo came on board and rapidly made himself useful. He made promo films and designed and led the making of a bike cart. A recent Italian design graduate, he is looking for a new role in the service design industry and is open to collaboration with great companies.

Michelle was our last minute Social Media Sweetie (working late into the night to get out tweets and press releases!) She currently works as a Product Manager at the Government Digital Service but is now on the lookout for a new role. She has a design background and, as well as in government, has worked as a product manager in a socially focussed start-up as well as in a variety of digital campaigning and digital transformation roles over the last 5-6 years. She is interested in finding a senior product manager or digital transformation role that utilises her creative as well as analytical skills (available from mid November.)  



These people are spoken for

Harry works at GDS as a service designer. Julian works at the Red Cross as a service designer and is building the service design practice there. They would both be open to relevant collaboration. This year, Julian was responsible for the Diversity & Inclusion initiative we ran and Harry started and led the Student Service Design Awards in partnership with ArtsThread.

Alice is on On Purpose and is moving to Paris - she’d be happy to meet any service designers in Paris. She left engineering project management to become the festival’s Operation Octopus, and proved her 8 arms to be not only fast but thorough and kind.

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Join the festival team

While some of us are looking for work, we’re also going to be able to offer work. We need people to help us secure funding for next year so that we can put on the festival again. If you’d like to work on the team in another capacity, get in touch and sign up to the mailing list so that you get updates when we’re building the 2018 team in earnest.


Goodbye from the 2017 version of the festival team!

Lior, Harry, Julian, Jacs, Alice, Katie, Nichun, Ella, Lorenzo, and Michelle.