Partying with limited food waste!

When you organise an event, you often end up with leftovers. You want to make sure your guests are well fed, but what happens when there's too much food?

At the Service Design Fringe Festival, we organised a VIP evening and a Launch Party to kick it off. We ended up with a decent quantity of perishable foods, and it was out of the question to waste any!

Lucky for us, we know a super cool charity, FEAST! WITH US who make meals for adults at risk in homeless shelters, all made from surplus food. They are always looking for volunteers to help in their kitchens, or donate any salvagable surplus. If you fancy learning more about it or coming along, check out or email

Lovely Hannah, the founder of FEAST! WITH US came on her colourful bicycle to pick up everything she could, including vegetables, juices, fruits, flour and sugar. She informs us that this has already contributed to a FEAST! session at a homeless shelter in Kilburn.

lovely hannah.PNG

So, when organising big parties or events, check out the charities/hostels/soup kitchens/groups locally. There are so many in London that will be more than happy to collect your extras! Hopefully this will inspire others to do good by people, and by the environment!