Introducing our new Hat Juggler!

Hello! My name is Katie and I’m the latest edition to the Service Design Fringe Festival team! I’m delighted to come on board as the Hat Juggler and excited to make SDFF 2017 the best one yet. I will be in charge of all the fun stuff – parties, the launch, the hub and collecting as many goodies for our lovely hosts and guests!

I grew up surrounded by music and started learning piano and flute from the age of 7 and studied music at the University of York. I then lived abroad in Taiwan for 2 and a half years. This was an amazing and eye-opening experience for me, and I learnt a lot about what was important to me. I returned to the UK in 2014 where I started working in festival production. I began in Brighton with the visual arts festival HOUSE (2014 and 2015). Since then, I’ve worked on the London A Cappella Festival in 2016 and 2017, and the alternative jazz music festival Match&Fuse in 2016. In between I’ve worked in the hospitality industry as well as working with individual jazz musicians on promotion and management.

I now work four days a week at the beautiful and diverse arts venue Tara Theatre down in Wimbledon. I joined in February this year as the Digital Marketing Co-ordinator and am thoroughly enjoying it. I’ve certainly been challenged in this role, but thrive of this and now feel like an integral part of the team.

I’m really excited about joining the SDFF team and can’t wait to get my teeth into the work! To be brutally honest, I hadn’t thought much about Service Design until I met Lior (founder) a couple of years ago, but now having read about it I understand how important it is to any organisation. If you’re interested in Service Design and want to read about it, below are the web pages I looked at which I found helpful:

Design Council

Government Digital Service  

I’m always interested in having chats over a cuppa or a beer, so feel free to email me on