Be our Sponsorship Superstar!

We're looking for a Sponsorship Superstar to join our team in the next month. Here's why it's going to be a super fun job...

The festival is an incredibly exciting thing to be part of. It grows in unexpected ways every year, because the demand for learning about service design in London is growing exponentially. Awareness of service design is spreading through all kinds of sectors and attracting an increasingly diverse range of people. We're at the cutting edge - which makes us an interesting, worthwhile initiative for sponsors to fund. 

Last year, we had the privilege of being significantly financially sponsored by Rainmaker. To show them the value we created with their money, we sent them this thank-you pack, which includes statistics and examples that demonstrate the success of the festival.

We secured this sponsorship without much experience of sponsorship sales in our team. This year, we want a dedicated Sponsorship Superstar who can give the process of securing sponsors, and keeping them happy, the attention it deserves.

If this sounds like you, or if you know someone that fits the bill, here's some more details about the role. Get in touch today to help us make the 2017 festival even bigger, better, and brighter than last year.