2 days in - Black Swans and AI dogs

The Service Design Fringe Festival kicked off on Thursday with Kartik and Rosie from Wolff Olins and service designer Jess Leitch inspiring the audience to think about how to design a service and what exactly is a service designer?

Our conclusions from Wolff Olins was that if you’re going to build a teleportation device, you should probably have a bare hug at the end to make you feel safe in your new destination. Jess’s discussion taught us that service design is not just the final service, the process is just as important.

On Friday we had a whole host of industry professionals taking part in LCC’s service design futures event. The afternoon started with Phillippa Rose from LCC giving a warm thank you to all the students from the Service Experience Design and Innovation course  for making the event possible. She then introduced the three speakers from Fjord, Deloitte Digital and We Question.

Celia from Fjord taught us a valuable lesson in looking to inspiration from history, listening carefully and speaking up when we should. Steve from Deloitte Digital gave us a glimpse into the world of transport services, and helped us ask bigger questions like ‘If we have self driving cars, what does that mean for insurance?’ Finally Itziar from We Question taught not to take everything at face value, we should be looking for ‘black swans’, which will be defining our future. 

The speakers were then followed by a workshop hosted by the LCC students, where the audience were split into teams and asked to design the worst service possible. Each team had to then improve another teams service. Let’s just say AI dogs and on demand support for vulnerable adults could be a couple of services we see on transport routes in the near future. 

The Service Design Fringe Festival continues till the 25th September with events throughout London. There’s still time to register to get tickets. Just follow this link: http://www.sd-ldf.com/events