The top service design tweets - A Festival Story from the Service Design Network

Following the biggest Service Design Fringe Festival to date, we're sharing the highlights of our talks and workshops with the global community, so everybody can join in discussions around our industry. Continuing in a series of short stories, Harry Vos, our Head of Community, shares his top tweets from Service Design Network's online discussion about the industry.

As part of the 2016 Service Design Fringe Festival, we decided to expand our horizons by holding our first online-only discussion. In doing an online event, we were able to include a much wider audience than our London-based events, therefore making public discussion of service design much more accessible. Service design is not just for Londoners, and we're reaching out to the rest of the UK to hear about exciting progressions in our industry. The Service Design Network kindly hosted the discussion on Twitter, curating five key questions facing our industry in the UK today.

  1. So what is the future of #servicedesign?
  2. How can experienced service designers challenge themselves to
    take their work to the next level?
  3. What does #servicedesign look like? 
    Tweet a quick sketch/photo with description or share recent work.
  4. Who is using Service Design in the workplace now - 
    how is it reaching beyond ‘service designers’?
  5. What is needed to develop and retain new talent in #servicedesign?

Follow along below for some of the top answers from the Twitter community.

Thanks very much for reading one of the festival stories, and thanks to those who took part in the discussion! A big thank you to Kathryn Grace, a volunteer committee member at the Service Design Network, for organising the #SDN_UKChat. For the complete #SDN_UKChat, see their Storify.

With love,

The Service Design Fringe Festival Team