How to make service design relevant - A Festival Story from Niharika Hariharan.

Following the biggest Service Design Fringe Festival to date, we're sharing the highlights of our talks and workshops with the global community, so everybody can join in discussions around our industry. Continuing in a series of short stories, Niharika Hariharan, Senior Service Design Lead at Boots, identifies the lack of implementation of service design projects, and gives us practical ways we can improve this crucial process.

Reports indicate that 51% of the work run by Service Design agencies is never implemented (Design for Service Innovation & Development Reports, 2015). How can we hence deliver services that bring together the proposed ideal experience and actionable strategy to support businesses and users alike? ‘Making Service Design Relevant’ explores possible answers to this key question.

The talk discusses actionable ways in how we can bridge the gap between insight, concept generation and implementation. It explores how deliverables can evolve from insight to instruction, defines better ways of embedding and delivering service experiences and compares current industry practice to future ways of designing.

As Service Design grows and attracts practitioners from a variety of disciplines, it is crucial that we are critical of they way we design and innovate to solve problems creatively - this ensures the discipline continues to remain relevant and more than a set of process deliverables.

View/download Niharika Hariharan's slides here.

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