Service design is pushing the boundaries of the design industry, creating new roles and contexts to be explored. The vision of Service Design Fringe Festival is to nudge the world into noticing and advancing the discipline.


Critical discourse on service design

SDFF creates a platform to exchange ideas, tools and effective practices. It is
supported by our guardians of service design values such as Lauren Currie and Pip Jamieson.


Help to increase representation

Showing different ways into the service design industry, opening it up to people from diverse backgrounds and inviting non-service designers who are doing that some people might call service design.


Address employment challenges

Helping aspiring talents from different backgrounds and experience to get recognition and access to the industry.

LIOR SMITH     Founder, Service Design Fringe Festival

Founder, Service Design Fringe Festival

“There weren’t enough opportunities for junior service designers to work with a senior service designer to learn. I decided something needed to happen, not just for me, but for the whole industry. That’s why I started the festival.”



To make the Festival happen, we have a core team of multi skilled co-ordinators



Influential figures in the service design industry that provides guidance to the team.


Interested in joining the crew?

We are always on the look out for energetic people to get involved with organising the festival. Help us put on the show!